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We’ve been in business since 1990. Our passion is creativity (originality) applied to business. We believe that creativity is the driving force behind leadership and business growth, it’s advanced by the voice of the customer (listening) and when properly translated, this voice results in innovation and marketplace success. We enjoy serving organizations that recognize and act upon this reality.

Through the lens of creativity, we offer proprietary consulting services in several important categories, including Management Coaching, Team Building, Innovation Planning, Guided Brainstorming, WebTV Marketing, Sales Training and Results Tracking.

We serve numerous strategic industries, including Oil and Gas/Energy, Manufacturing, Design & Construction, Education, Healthcare, Retail/Music, Financial, Ministry and Government.


Steve Schwandner
Schwandner Creativity Center Inc.
3144 Pinto Trail
Mason, OH 45040-9113

Steve Schwandner, President


We help organizations succeed through what they need and want the most-creativity.


We will be known as an organization that reflects creativity and understands how it leads to business success.


We place a high priority on perseverance, patience and prayer.