Established in October of 1990, the Schwandner Creativity CenterSM is directed by Steve Schwandner. Steve holds a Master of Arts degree in Marketing/Advertising Management from Michigan State University (1977) and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati (1976).

His background encompasses thirty years of extensive business development/marketing management experience with expertise in strategic and marketing planning, marketing research, product and service development/management and marketing communications.

Prior to forming the Schwandner Creativity CenterSM, Steve held positions with a variety of prominent organizations, including Matrixx Marketing (research), Gradison (financial/ investment management), Humana (healthcare), Xomox (manufacturing) and Northlich, Stolley (advertising).

In serving our clients, we have the opportunity to collaborate with firms that represent a wide array of disciplines, including marketing research, data processing, information visualization, financial analysis, law, engineering, design, architecture and marketing/communications implementation.

Steve helped develop The Book of Hope, USA and co-authored The Schoolhouse of Quality®, How One Voice Built a Better School.

He has participated in a variety of Christian ministries and presently serves on the Advisory Board of Jobs Plus Employment Network, which facilitates employment for men and women in low income communities.

Steve lives with his wife in Mason, Ohio, which is in the Greater Cincinnati area. They have three grown sons.

Steve Schwandner, President


Customer research inspires and motivates excellent and unique design solutions.

Customer research provides fantastic anecdotes for the encouragement of others in an organization.

Customer research establishes the agenda for informed, future-focused planning.